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You make me tingle tingle~

"Fanfics are the fangirls' dirty dreams" - My muse


I got into fanfiction during the summer of 2010 and this journal consists of my work, old and more recent.
I sometimes post random (awesome) entries about what's going on in my (awesome) life, so if you're not interested you don't have to look at that... just press the HUGE 'fanfic' - tag and it'll be solved :D
Feel free to lurk, but I would totally love it if you'd comment because that pushes me to update more awesome stories of awesomeness for you to read (ok, someone's read way to many fanfics with Prussia lately... I blame... well... Prussia's awesomeness, lol).

So anyway. I bet no one's gonna read this whole fucking bio that's really useless since no one's reading it, but I'll write one anyway because I'm bored.

Thank you for reading, feel free to comment, add me as friend if you like <3

I'm really not as scary as you might think.